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Forklift Instructor LTD provides RTITB accredited Reach Truck Training at your premises in Aberdeen or anywhere in the world.
Reach Truck Categories

Reach truck is one of the most popular forklift trucks used in warehouses in the UK.

Reach mechanism fitted on these trucks, allows to save expensive storage space.

Reach truck is capable to extend its mast or carriage forward. Once the load is picked up, the mast or the carriage could be retracted back to shorten the overall length of the truck and the load.

Reach truck operator sits sideways.

In the United Kingdom Reach truck belongs to D group trucks. In D group there are 2 Reach truck categories:

D1 – Lifting height 3 – 8 metres
D2 – Lifting height over 8 metres

There is although a Stand on Reach Truck. ABA code: A8

As the name suggests, the operator is in standing position.

Forklift Instructor LTD training courses are RTITB approved and designed for different level operators, and ranges from complete beginners to forklift operators with many years of experience.

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