Though there are various types of forklifts you can use to lift and carry heavy loads, counterbalance forklifts are more popular as they offer numerous benefits. It is used globally at 90% of different sites and warehouses, which makes it the most popular forklift Truck.  There are two types of motive powers fitted in counterbalance forklifts -combustion engine counterbalance forklifts and battery-electric counterbalance forklifts. If you want to use it with a focus on safety, undergo counterbalance forklift training and achieve Brittop or RTITB accredited qualifications.

3 Benefits Of Using Counterbalance Forklifts 

1.Capable Of Lifting Different Weights

These forklifts are specially designed and engineered to lift various weights, irrespective of it being 1 ton or 60 ton and more. The lifting capacity of the forklift will be higher if the counterweight at the back is heavier and the size of the unit is larger, but not all the time.

Check the capacity plate before you lift!

Generally, smaller forklifts are electric-powered, it could be used indoors and outdoors. It also could be 4 or 3 wheels, to increase manoeuvrability in restricted areas. Larger Counterbalance forklift trucks will require more room.

2.Can Use Different Fuel

A few of the common types of fuel you can use to power these forklifts are LPG, petrol, diesel and battery-powered electric.  You can customise the unit to a particular application according to your convenience. A diesel-powered forklift will let you lift and move heavy loads with ease.  If you want to know the different fuel types you can use in counterbalance forklift, it is advisable that you undergo relevant training in Aberdeen.

3.Add Attachments To Make Them More Versatile

If you want to add more versatility to a counterbalance forklift, you can fit various attachments.  There are a  few attachments that make the vehicle more capable of completing a task. You can pick, rotate and tip industrial bins safely with rotators and bin tippers.

Since there are so many benefits of using counterbalance forklifts, it’s time you undergo relevant training.