Counterbalance truck training

Forklift Instructor LTD provides RTITB accredited Counterbalance Truck courses at your premises in Aberdeen or anywhere in the world.
Reach Truck Categories

B1 Counterbalance truck with lifting capacity up to 5000kg. is the most popular forklift truck in the world.

Although there are larger counterbalance trucks with lifting capacities exceeding 40 ton.

In United Kingdom Counterbalance truck belongs to B group trucks. In B group there are 4 counterbalance truck categories:

B1 COUNTERBALANCE – up to 5000kg. lifting capacity B2 COUNTERBALANCE – 5001kg. – 15000kg. lifting capacity B3 COUNTERBALANCE – over 15000kg. lifting capacity B4 STAND ON COUNTERBALANCE
Forklift Instructor LTD Forklift training courses are RTITB approved and designed for different level operators, and ranges from complete beginners to forklift operators with many years of experience.

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